R 80.00


These herbal potency tablets for men are a Viagra-like erection enhancer without requiring a prescription and with no known side effects or product dependency. They are highly effective and powerful and made of all natural ingredients which are absorbed rapidly and have a prolonged period of effectiveness. The tablets are said to boost vitality and vigour, with a lasting effect of 36-72 hours. Contains 4 tablets.

Take 1 tablets about 30 minutes before lovemaking.

•    Classified as a Chinese herbal product, it has no pharmaceutical ingredients.
•    Enhances erections in men of all ages
•    All Natural -- No Prescription Required!
•    Promotes stronger orgasms
•    Controls premature ejaculation
•    Improves Sexual performance - Makes Strong Man Stronger
•    Works fast within 30 - 45 minutes
•    Keeps Penis fatter and ready for fast erection for up to 72 hours
•    Increases the androgen levels and sperm count
•    Has no harmful side effects.